Supporting female business leaders and entrepreneurs

Diversity and inclusion should be a core goal for all businesses today.  The team at RS Risk Solutions actively engages and supports diversity in the workplace.  Through its own experience, recognises how important it is for female business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs to have trusted advisors around them who can support them as their business develops.  Advisers who are knowledgeable experts in their field and who recognise the challenges faced at each stage of their business’ life cycle and most importantly, can help solve those challenges.

The challenges we can help solve are those that relate to risk management and business insurance.  We can help you to decide the cost/benefit case of adopting different risk management and insurance solutions, from correctly calculating your sums insured; to understanding the insurance covers appropriate for your business; to understanding how changing legislation affects your business.

Taking a business idea forward or running an established and evolving business can be daunting.  RS Risk Solutions participates in various women in business networks and events and can help introduce you to those groups and / or involve you in activities that could support your business by resolving problems and making better decisions by sharing knowledge and experience.

One of our top priorities is working with small and medium female led firms.  We are dedicated to developing insurance solutions that not only meet your needs but also develop bespoke insurance covers for your or your clients.  Our support extends not only to your business insurance needs but for our private clients and the wider family, we can arrange for your home insurance with one of our panel of expert insurers, as well as provide broking services for your other high value personal possessions, travel insurance and other personal insurance requirements.

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