Supporting the insurance and risk solution needs of family run businesses

RS Risk Solutions is a UK family run business and we therefore recognise the benefits that family businesses offer the UK economy and society.  A recent Sunday Times article listed the largest family businesses as a testament to the fact that some of the most successful private businesses in the UK are family run concerns.

One of our top priorities is working with small and medium family firms.  We are dedicated to developing insurance solutions that not only meet your needs but also offer bespoke insurance covers for you or your clients.  Our support extends not only to your business insurance needs but for our private clients and the wider family, we can arrange for your home insurance with one of our panel of expert insurers, as well as provide broking services for your other high value personal possessions, travel insurance and other personal insurance requirements.

Just as importantly, if not more importantly as getting your business back up and running once a loss has occurred, we aim to support your wider knowledge and understanding of business related risk, reducing the potential for bad things to happen that could hinder growth or development, damage your reputation or cause harm to others.

By using our expertise and that of our solution partners, we can support your plans for growth, such as when you are thinking of, for example, expanding your workforce or premises, changing your leadership, introducing new products, and so on, which can change the risks that you face and potential leave you under or uninsured.  For more information see risk management solutions.

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