Why bespoke insurance solutions are the best way to support your affinity group

Understanding the insurance needs of affinity groups and creating bespoke insurance solutions to meet them can strengthen that sense of belonging to the group and of being valued as a member. The team at RS Risk Solutions recognise how important customer or membership loyalty is and we have over 30 years’ experience of developing tailored insurance solutions / schemes for affinity groups, trade or governing bodies and professional associations across a wide variety of insurance products and services.

The definition of affinity is a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship – a kinship or resemblance.  An affinity scheme in the context of insurance can be in relation to a common membership, a professional association, a segment of property owners and tenants (buildings and / or contents), a trade body association, similar businesses in a certain geography, ownership of a valuable asset, such as a classic car or those with a common interest, such as sports fans or collectors.

RS Risk Solutions work cohesively with you and our expert panel of insurers to create unique or novel insurance products that are bespoke to your affinity group, creating competitive pricing and / or wider insurance cover.  In addition to the product, we can work with you to ensure that the administration of the scheme is efficient and effective, taking the hard work out of managing the process.  For more information or to discuss your affinity scheme requirements, please contact us.

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