The team at RS Risk Solutions are always delighted to assist its Private Clients to arrange home and other personal insurances. We work with a number of specialist insurance providers who have a long track record in providing tailored packages. These may include the following covers depending upon your requirements:

Household / Home Property

Buildings insurance provides cover for the structure of your primary and / or your additional homes, including and any permanent fixtures and fittings. It includes outbuildings within the grounds of your property if they are permanent structures.

Contents insurance provides cover on a replacement basis up to the sum insured. Standard cover will include personal possessions outside of the home.

High Value Vehicles

There are several renowned insurers that can offer specialist insurance cover for vintage, classic or high value cars, which include features, such as, agreed value and repairs by your chosen garage. Contact us and we will be delighted to prepar

Worldwide Annual Travel

Private Client home insurance policies usually provide worldwide annual travel for the family living in the insured home as a standard benefit. This is usually limited to a number of days per annum, such as, 60 or 90 days and includes emergency medical expenses and cancellation and curtailment. Age limits and other exclusions may apply, such as, those relating to known medical conditions and other known circumstances that may bring about a claim.

Liability to Others

Your personal liability as owner or occupier of the insured home to third parties for injury or property damage is covered as part of the standard Private Client home insurance, as well as injury to a domestic employee. Limits of liability apply.

Antiques, Works of Art and Jewellery

Valuable items, such as, jewellery, furs, precious metals and guns are usually covered up to a certain limit each item as standard under a Private Clients home policy. However, higher limits are available for specified jewellery, fine art and antiques.

Sports Equipment

A Private Client home insurance policy will usually include most sports equipment used for non-professional purposes, such as your skis, snowboard, surfboards, bicycles, golf clubs or tennis racquets anywhere in the world. The cover is for accidental loss or damage and theft. There is also cover for sports clothing which is used solely in connection with your sporting activities.

Small Boat

Watercraft can be included to your Private Client home policy if required. The cover includes legal liability and defence costs, although it is usually restricted to certain geographies, such as the EU and EEA.

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