Manufacturers and wholesalers

* Please note, the insurance covers and risk management services suggested in the above product bundle as being pertinent for this particular industry group are for illustration purposes only. These products are listed to raise awareness of what may be relevant and available for your type of business. However, we recognise that every business is different and in order for us to advise you specifically in relation to your insurance and risk management needs in more detail, please contact us.

We are experienced in arranging insurance for manufacturers and wholesalers. Whatever the size of your company and whichever trade you are involved in, we offer independent, professional advice and can ensure risk management solutions and the correct level of insurance is in place, protecting your business.

Typically, the manufacturing and wholesale sectors are subject to many risks, which may include damage to or theft of property, equipment and tools; computer and machinery breakdown; injury to an employee, contractor or member of the public; and prosecutions or tribunals. Increasingly cyber and reputation risks are affecting businesses. Any of these could prove very damaging to your business, which is why it is essential to carry out a full risk review and arrange bespoke insurance to meet your specific needs.

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