Speciality Insurance

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses insurance is designed to help protect individuals and businesses manage unexpected legal proceedings and access expert legal advice. Although many insurance packages include legal expenses cover, RS Risk Solutions also works with expert insurers to place standalone legal expenses insurance. This type of insurance covers legal expenses relating to disputes, such as, employment tribunals, property protection, commercial contract disputes, tax protection. There are exclusions in most policies, such as pre-existing issues prior to the commencement of the insurance and other specific exclusions. Please speak to our expert team for more information.

Rent Guarantee

For landlords wanting to protect the rental income from their properties. This type of insurance offers cover for any default in rent payment, legal expenses costs relating to tenancies. There are different levels of cover available, so please talk to us about your requirements.

Rights of Light Indemnity Insurance

Rights of light indemnity insurance protects against costs and expenses associated with loss of light to neighbouring premises. Rights of light indemnity insurance is complex, with a limited insurance market and high minimum premium levels, meaning that this sort of protection is more suitable for large scale developments and developers.

Delay in Start- Up

Delay in start-up insurance is often a requirement of lenders for largescale project owners to mitigate the risk of a project delay due to a material damage incident that could lead to financial loss. Because the delay in a project due to physical / material damage impacts the potential of future earnings, both establishing cover and managing claims can be complex.

Latent Defects Insurance

Latent Defect Insurance covers faulty design, workmanship or defects for up to a period of 12 years after practical completion. This type of cover bears the costs incurred to rebuild or rectify the property whether partially or in full.

Engineering Insurance including Machinery & Equipment Breakdown and Inspection Services

Talk to us about the broad range of engineering, inspection services and technology insurance products available providing cover for a broad range of industry sectors including construction, computer, energy and equipment breakdown.

Employer Controlled Insurance Programmes

Employer controlled insurance programmes (ECIP) are suitable for new build or other significant construction projects. They offer the benefits of avoiding gaps or duplication in cover, thereby keeping costs under control whilst maximising insurance protection. There are a number of ECIP insurance packages offered by our insurer partners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contingency Insurance

There are a wide variety of insurance covers for future events that fall under the category of contingency insurance. Contingency cover provides protection for event cancellation and / or abandonment in relation to, for example, exhibitions, festivals, on location filming and similar. ext to here

Right and Duty to Defend

The mere possibility that a claim is covered under an insurance policy and may succeed in being covered is sufficient to impose on the insurer a duty to defend any claim made against an insured. This is, therefore, one more valid reason from the defense of claims perspective, of why it is critically important to have an effective programme of insurance in place for your business.

Contract Penalty

The law surrounding contract penalties is complex. Insurance coverage in the event of late delivery of a product for an agreed amount based on the contract between the insured manufacturer and / or haulier and a purchaser may be required and may not be provided for under standard policy wordings. Also, see below.

Authority / Project Owner Bonds and Sureties

A Bond or Surety supports a company’s contractual obligations and is purchased by the contracting party in favour of the principal, thereby providing financial protection against loss from a breach of contract or default.

Temperature Controlled System Breakdown

Equipment breakdown and damage insurance is not usually covered in property or warranty insurance policies. Flexibility to cover equipment breakdown, deterioration of stock, including stock in refrigerated vehicles or temporary cold storage and loss of income risks in one policy. Amongst other incidents, cover is provided for machinery and equipment operated off site and hired in for short-term use. Contact us for more details of this type of cover.

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