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Employer Overview of the COVID-19 Vaccines

It’s important for employers to learn the facts about the COVID-19 vaccines so they can better protect their employees and customers.  This article provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccines and answers some common questions relevant to employers. Information comes primarily from the National Health Service (NHS).

4 Ways to Support Remote Employee Collaboration and Productivity

Working remotely doesn’t always come naturally to employees, especially among those who are used to the accountability of in-person workplaces. Remote work requires focus and restraint amid the countless distractions present in the home, and it lacks the socialisation capabilities that come with physically going into the workplace. This article provides four tips for supporting …

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Understanding the Electric Car Market

Whenever a new technological advancement begins to change a market, it becomes necessary for affected parties to understand the transformation.  In recent years, the UK has observed a measurable rise in the popularity of electric cars. It’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these new vehicles, and the effect they are having on …

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Communicating about COVID-19 vaccines

Employee communications related to the pandemic have played a major role in keeping employees safe and healthy while navigating operational changes and challenges. Now, the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccines have become available. As employers plan to navigate the legal risks and logistics of employee vaccinations, this article explores what, how and when to communicate about COVID-19 …

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How COVID-19 restrictions are about to change from 29 March 2021

As the UK continues to attempt to make pandemic-related restrictions less stringent, a number of new changes are projected to go into effect in the near future. Check out this video to learn about some of the changes we can expect to see across Britain.

Loss Control Questionnaire – Car Repair and Maintenance Garages

This questionnaire gives car repair and maintenance garage owners the opportunity to review risk categories specific to their operations and take steps to address those risks. Please note that this questionnaire specifically addresses risks related to car repair and maintenance operations.

Maintaining Portable Electrical Equipment

This guidance provides sensible advice on maintaining portable electrical equipment to prevent danger for managers, electricians, technicians and users. It covers equipment that is connected to the fixed mains supply or a locally generated supply. In this document the term ‘portable’ is used to mean movable or transportable.

Carrying Out Electrical Testing at Work

This leaflet is aimed at people who manage or carry out electrical testing, and provides guidance on controlling risks and preventing or reducing danger arising from these activities. Electrical testing is a critical maintenance task that ensures that key equipment and systems are operating efficiently year-round.

Key Benefits of Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Watch the video to learn about the key benefits of equipment breakdown insurance and how it can keep your business protected. If you have any other queries regarding equipment breakdown insurance please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on either 01342 580106 or email

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