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Managing Your Risks

Hindsight is an exact science but what about foresight, defined as the ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future? Years of behavioural research confirm that people are ‘unrealistically optimistic’ which is beneficial in many ways, allowing humans to be resilient, dust themselves down after an issue has been resolved and move forward.

However, unrealistic optimism can lead to poor decision making, particularly in relation to the probability of a known risk occurring in the future, such as, accidents, health issues, loss of customers, and so on. According to research, the majority of humans are unrealistically optimistic, only a few have the ability to accept risks and take the necessary action to mitigate their affects.

RS Risk Solutions’ vision is to ‘deliver dynamic risk solutions in a refreshingly responsive, caring and considerate way’. This vision is underpinned by a strategic goal to support its clients’ risk management through insurance protection and future proofing. We aim to bring you the benefit of relevant information and expertise when you need it; when regulation changes, such as, General Data Protection Regulations, Heath and Safety Regulations, risk prevention information and general good practice guides and support.

In addition, we aim to work with small and medium enterprises throughout their lifecycle, standing hand in hand through the challenges and opportunities as they present themselves. For more information of how we do this, please see below or contact us.

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