Supporting Women in Business

Supporting Women in Business

One theme that emerged from female business leaders was that they felt disadvantaged when it came to engaging with their insurance broker or agent.  One very successful business leader related an example.  She had gone to some trouble to arrange for an insurance agent to present a new group employee benefit product to her team; a team of mostly part-time females.  The agent was ill-prepared and gave the impression of underestimating the audience because it was clear, he did not take the opportunity seriously.  This was only one of many similar narratives that emerged during our research which led to frustration on the part of female business leaders.

We commit to supporting women in business – both as a woman and as someone that prioritises excellent customer service – we will take the time to learn about your business, discuss the risks you face with you and provide you with the relevant information and advice you need to make the right insurance purchase decisions.  We will make it easy to access us and support you across a broad spectrum of risk, insurance and business information.

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